How to Turn on Incognito on Your PC

Turn on Incognito on Your PC

Many people around the world use Chrome on their PCs. But sometimes, they are stuck on how to Turn on Incognito on Your PC. We are here to guide you, on how you can easily access it. So here we provide some shortcuts, how to easily use the things.

To be incognito is to hide one’s true identity. A secret browsing window that lets you browse the web without saving any cookies, search histories, or session data on your device is known as this mode.

Using incognito mode on a Chromebook is the same as opening the window on a Mac or Windows computer using the Chrome browser. To quickly open a private window on Chrome OS, you may either use the standard way or a handy keyboard shortcut. In addition, your Chromebook’s quick shortcut menu allows you to access incognito mode.

Guide for Turning Incognito on your Laptop

When you browse in private mode, your device does not save any information or browsing history related to that specific session. Thus, no one else using your smartphone will be able to see the websites you visited or the Google searches you conducted. While connected to your Google Account, you can filter explicit content only while you are actively using SafeSearch.

Conversely, Incognito Mode by definition ignores any preferences that have been specified beforehand. Open Chrome on your Android handset. The outside world can still view your history even though it has been removed from your device. You cannot hide your IP address or browsing history from websites, your ISP, or your network even when you are using incognito mode.

Here we provide the 3 processes to turn on Incognito.

Open Incognito using Chrome Menu

1st Step:- Open the Chrome browser and click the 3-dots menu section right of the corner.

2nd Step:- On the Chrome menu Incognito Mode is 3rd option always.

3rd Step:- After clicking the option, then Incognito mode is activated.

Open Incognito using Shortcuts

Our PCs have lots of shortcuts available. The same thing happened, on the Chrome browser. Here we only discuss about shortcut of Incognito mode. It’s very simple to use the shortcut.

1st Step:- Open the Chrome browser on your PC.

2nd Step:- Just press the key on your keyboard Ctrl + Shift + N then you can see Incognito mode is activated.

3rd Step:- If you want to close Incognito mode, press the Ctrl + W key.

Activate Incognito Mode Just one step

It is the most useable shortcut for users. If you know about this thing, you are an expert in shortcuts. So read this blog carefully, and grab this opportunity.

1st Step:- Right-click on the Chrome browser placed in the Taskbar. And chose the option.

We hope you will be fully knowledgeable about this thought. 

About Chrome Browser

Google developed Google Chrome, a cross-platform web browser. It was initially made available for Microsoft Windows in 2008 and was constructed using free Mozilla Firefox and Apple WebKit components. Later, versions were made available for iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, and Android, where it is the default browser. Additionally, the browser is the centerpiece of ChromeOS, acting as the platform for web apps.

Best Features of Chrome Browser

Here we discuss about Chrome browser first time. We provide some important best features of this browser. User-friendly Interface, Support for Web standards, Built-in tools, Desktop shortcuts and apps, Chrome Web Store, Extensions, Security, and many more things.

One of the best features of Chrome is Incognito Mode. The browser cannot locally store any cookies, site data, history, or form inputs when using the private browsing option known as this mode. Files and bookmarks that are downloaded will be kept. Furthermore, neither the Internet service provider nor visited websites can see user activity hidden from them.

Similar to other web browsers’ secret browsing functionality is the Incognito mode. You can still save in regular windows and switch between incognito and regular windows while using this feature. When utilizing the incognito window, you will only be in incognito mode. Moreover, Chrome for iOS allows you to optionally lock these tabs using your passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID.


We’ve covered everything there is to know about using Incognito browsing in this extensive guide, including how it can help you with various online activities. This model is the answer if you want to separate your browsing from your research or if you want to improve your online security or privacy. It will grow to be an invaluable tool in your digital toolbox if you remember to use it properly.

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