How to Share Files with Android and PC by Nearby Share [Guide]

Finally, Nearby Share is available for Windows PC and you can use it to transfer any files to your Android smartphone. Although it is still in the Beta and I also tried it on my Windows 11 PC. The Nearby Share works pretty well on my device and I can easily share the files with ease.

Now, you also can easily share files between Android and PC using Nearby Share without any issue. The best part is its transfer speed is also pretty good. Now, you do not need to depend on other apps to share files between Windows and Android devices.

Share Files with Android and PC by Nearby Share

Today we going to discuss how you can share files with Android and PC using Nearby Share. We provide a step-by-step guide to use and share any files and folders. So, if you want to know more about this new tool then let’s start.

Easy to Transfer Files Between Android and PC

It is quite easy to set up Nearby Share to transfer files between Windows and Android devices. Here we going to share the complete guide to using the tool and the requirements before using it. So, you need to follow all the necessary steps to successfully share files. Let’s start.

What You Need to Do Before Using Nearby Share?

  1. Make sure your PC has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth option and while using Nearby Share you should turn on both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  2. If you want better transfer speed then you need to connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network. Because Wi-Fi actually gives you the best speed otherwise only Bluetooth works for transferring files between devices which gives you a pretty slow speed.
  3. Right now all the OS do not support the Nearby Share. For example, Windows 10 and 11 only support the Nearby Share which also needs a 64-bit X86 system. Also, the Android device needs to have above Android 6.0 update. If one of your devices doesn’t meet those criteria then you can’t use the Nearby Share.
  4. For better connectivity and speed, you need to move both of your devices closer. Because it does not work remotely and you need to come closer to your device to share files.
  5. Right now, Nearby Share is not available globally but later on, it is available in every country as well. So, you need to check whether it is available in your region or not.

Get Access Nearby Share

How to Setup on Windows PC [Step-By-Step]

It is pretty simple to set up Nearby Share on Windows PC. The developer makes it as easy as possible. Because anyone can use it without any problem. Still, we going to show all the steps you can follow to set up on your PC.

Step  1: You need to tap on the upper like “Get Access Nearby Share” and then click on “Get Started“. Then the Step file starts downloading on your PC.

Step 2: Then double click on the step file and let it install on your PC.

Step 3: Once the application is installed, it asks for Sign in with a Google account. You can sign in but it also work if you don’t sign in on it. So, it is up to you whether you want to sign in or not.

Step 4: Now, if you log in you can set the name of your PC and it will visible to another device after connecting. You can provide another setting and then click on “Done“.

Step 5: If you follow those four steps, you are ready to use Nearby Share.

Share Files From Windows to Android Devices

If you complete the above steps then you are able to transfer files and folders between Windows to Android and Android to Windows as well. We will cover both steps so that you can easily use it.

  • To share a file or folder, you need to open File Explorer on your PC. Then choose the drive and select the File. Then right-click on it and you get the option “Send with Nearby Share”. Just click on it. Then you can see your Android device name.
  • Click on your Android device and send the file.
  • You need to accept the request on your Android phone to start transferring.
  • Once you accept the request, it starts to share the file with your Android device.

Share Files From Android to Windows Devices

In reverse, you may want to share files from your Android device to your PC. Right? Don’t worry, you can do it easily. Here we again share the steps to share files from Android to Windows.

  • First, you need to enable both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both devices. Then select the files from your phone and share using Nearby Share.
  • Now, you can see the PC name on your phone. Tap on it.
  • Open the Nearby Share application on your PC and accept the request.
  • Once you accept the request. it starts transferring the file.

Those are the few steps you need to follow to use Nearby Share successfully.

Final Words

On this page, we try to discuss all about the Nearby Share application. We give you a complete overview and how you can use to share files between Windows and Android devices. I hope you understand and successfully use it. If you facing any trouble then comment down below. We will help you as soon as possible. Lastly thanks for coming and reading the post.

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